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Acupressure is a technique to heal many types of pains and diseases occurs in our body. Acupressure is an art to touch the Energy Points on surface of Body to connect with Energy Flow and heal the different disorders of Patient’s Body. Acupressure is a very old art of put firm pressure on various selected points of our body that are connected to the Immune System. Acupressure not only helps in healing the pains but also prevents further diseases and relaxes the body. Acupressure was found almost five to six thousand years ago.

Acupressure technique involves pressure application, rubbing, stretching, rolling, kneading, wiping, grasping and exercises. Intensity of pressure varies during the process, it mostly begins with application of light pressure which gradually increases to pressure of higher intensity. Depending on the condition of an individual, intensity of pressure at different points may vary.

The Acupressure therapy helps in maintaining health by balancing energy channels of the body. The therapy also regulates negative/positive energy known as Yen/Yan forces. Acupressure is known to not only balance various energy forces in the body but also has positive effects on mind, spirit and emotions.

Sai Yogasthali Sansthan has certified acupressure therapist and has been met with an overwhelming response from customers.